A Time to Celebrate

One of my favorite things in all of ministry is getting to prepare with people interested in getting baptized, and lately I have been meeting with 6 candidates, four youth and two adults!

Baptism is perhaps the most joyous moment in the life of a congregation. As a sacrament, it is so rich with meaning. It means that we are participating in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, dying to our old selves and becoming part of a new creation. It means that we are being washed of all our sins and wounds. It means that we are declaring our belief in God and that God is declaring unending love and acceptance of us.

Another of the most important meanings of baptism is this: the baptized are becoming part of the body of Christ. They enter the water as individuals and come out as part of a new beloved community committed to supporting each other, loving each other, and serving God side by side, hand in hand.

It is because of this last meaning of baptism, becoming part of the community, that with the leaders of our congregation, I’ve decided we need to come together as one church to celebrate these baptisms together. So on Palm Sunday, March 20, we will have one worship service at 10am to welcome them and celebrate with them. If ever there was a reason to come together, it is this. As I thought through my first baptisms as the Minister of FCC, I just couldn’t imagine that our members would have to choose to go to one service over another in order to participate in the baptisms.

I hope wherever you are, reading this newsletter, you will be excited to join us in celebrating these baptisms on March 20. Let us join together in one voice and proclaim to these precious folks seeking baptism, “You are loved! You are welcomed! You belong with us and we belong with you!”

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