Community Outreach and Super Girls

On Saturday, April 2, the Elders and several Deacons of your church met from the morning and into the afternoon, so that we could grow and learn, and prayerfully consider our vision moving forward. We were led by Bill Reinger, our Elder Chair, and also by Michael Mooty, a retired Disciples of Christ minister who has moved into the area. As it turns out, Michael retired from Central Christian Church in Lexington, KY and was succeeded by a minister named David Shirey. I love these connections.

Rev. Mooty gave our Elders great insight from his decades of experience in Disciples congregations. He encouraged us and gave us tools for praying for our congregation, praying at the Table each Sunday, helping the minister with Pastoral Care and overall how to pursue the marks of a healthy congregation. He finished his time by asking our Elders to write down our “opportunities and growing edges” as a congregation, and it has been fascinating to go through the list of what our Elders and Deacons wrote down. There were many themes, but the strongest, by far, was the opportunity we have to reach out to our community. Here’s just a few of the opportunities they wrote down:

“Be present in the community,” “Pray for the community and the community leaders,” “Join other churches in projects for improving the community,” and “Expand our missions locally.” Of the 15 responses I received, nearly all of them articulated a desire to reach out more into the community that surrounds us. I would say that’s a pretty clear signpost telling us where to head in the near future.

We actually have an opportunity this Saturday to start a new partnership in our community. After several gang related shootings this past year, one of our local police officers, Lt. Linda M. Rawley decided to start a program specifically for young girls in our area who might be at risk for gang related activity. She’s calling her group Super Girls, and this Saturday they’re having one of their first events, taking the girls to an obstacle course. And we get to provide their lunch! I’m hopeful that this could be the first cooperation in an ongoing partnership. If you’re interested in helping us out, contact Ann Boston. Lt. Rawley will actually be with us in worship on April 24 to share about the Super Girls as part of our Kingdom Builders series. As we continue to hear from folks doing great Kingdom work, and as we continue to explore the opportunities to serve the community around us, I can only imagine what we as a congregation might be capable of doing.

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