Dreaming Big

Our worship teams have been dreaming of what our church needs to be doing and what we would like to be doing, to  step up our commitment to do God’s work. Some of our dreams for the coming church year and beyond are to increase programs for our youth, through Sunday School and Bible school.  We also would like to update our new member and visitor packets and increase our fellowship opportunities.

Another dream  is a ” Battle of the Bands” (religious bands) and a picnic in our ball field in the summer.  This will hopefully increase interest in our church and some of the programs we have to offer.

Heather has some very exciting activities planned for our youth, which will hopefully bring more youth to our programs.  CACS has some very ambitious plans to reach out in a much greater way to help the poor through our emergency food packets program and a new family support program.

All of these, and many more dreams will greatly increase our commitment to doing God’s work.  Our World outreach committee is striving to move our church up to a tithe of our churches budget, to the greater churches budget for emergencies around the world.  Much of these funds are returned to help in North Carolina.

All of these “dreams” will of course take on a commitment of our congregation. Please carefully and prayerfully consider how you will respond to our carrying out God’s work through First Christian Church Wilmington.

Prayerfully yours,

The Stewardship and Finance Team


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