Faith Enrichment

First Christian Church greatly values spiritual growth through study, fellowship, mission and worship. Our hope is that every person will find a group where one can continue a spiritual journey through exploring the scriptures, experiencing transformation, and engaging in the world around them.

You will find Faith Enrichment opportunities available for all every Sunday morning.


Children are God’s creation. Each child is a unique individual with God-given gifts and capabilities. We provide children with biblical concepts that become spiritual tools to use throughout their lives. The concepts guide children toward a growing faithful vision of who God is—the God of love and grace. Children will be guided toward developing a personal relationship with God and to learn specific attitudes and actions for faithful living in everyday situations.


A nursery is provided for children 0-2 years old during all worship services, Faith Enrichment on Sunday mornings, Wednesday Nights Out, book studies, and other occasions as needed.

Children Worship and Wonder

Meets in Room 2

This is a worship time for children 3 years old through first grade.  The program combines biblical storytelling, singing, prayer, feast, and children’s interpretations of Bible stories.

Faith Formation for 2nd-8th Grade

Meets in Room 8 or Room 15

Faith Formation is a fresh and exciting framework for Christian Education. Children study Bible stories and concepts through experiences with God’s Word. Classes study one story or biblical concept for six weeks, rotating through different workshops each week. Children make spiritual connections to their daily lives through challenging and engaging workshop activities in Art, Drama, Science, Writing, Cooking, Movies, Storytelling, Missions, Nature, Cultural Re-Enactments, Multimedia, Spiritual Walks, Journeys, Purim Celebration, Evangelism, Puppets, Bible Variety, Games, and Ropes Course Workshops. Our Facilitators provide a space where children feel welcomed and can make connections between the Bible story they experience and their own life experiences.

CYF (High School)

Meets in Room 14

This class is made up of high school youth, grades 9-12.

Truth Seekers

Meets in the Parlor

Desiring to apply their faith to their everyday experience, this class engages in group discussions based on a book of study or video series. It is comprised of single and married adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Legacy Class

Meets in Room 13

Adults of various ages study Scripture using various books, biblical studies or a video series.  The biblical passages each week are applied to daily life through reflection and discussion.

Woman to Woman Class

Meets in Room 6

Women of all ages are welcome to participate in the Woman to Woman class.  The class uses Bible study that creatively relates Scripture to the context of life in today’s world.

Friends Class

Meets in Room 12

This class consists of adults 60+. However, some younger adults enjoy the discussions and fellowship. The class typically discusses books or other materials that give different perspectives on more effective application of Christian principles both within the church and in the secular world. Topics are centered on scripture.