Fall Festival Success!


Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this year’s fall festival.  We estimate we had a crowd of nearly 200 again this year and everyone seemed to have a chilly but good time!

Chilly Fall


Hopefully I have not omitted anyone in my list: Cheryl Cribbs, Jane Coleman, Bill and Ann Boston, Becky Shipton, Bob and Elizabeth Franz, Clayton Edison, Bill, Linda, Jacob and Noah Reinger, Steve, Alecia, and Colby Westbrook, Craig Webb, Harvey and Margaret Jarman, Tena Perry, Kathy Elliot, Vanessa King, Lisa Nordman, Ken Wood, Marion Vernon, Jane Brigman, Dot Bryant, Lee Bryant, Pam Furr, Josh and Julie Outlaw, Kathy Reinger, Jerry and Joy Roberts, Margaret Respess, Phyllis Powell, Sherry Hickman, Nancy Manning, Richard and Faye Hodges, Darryl and Vicki Nester, James Lane, and Elizabeth Cosper.

Hay Rides


All expenses were covered through money raised by our yard sale back in October.  The raffle organized by Elizabeth Cosper raised another $280 that will be donated to the Alderman PTA for the benefit of their students.


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