Drop off any of your empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges, and retired personal electronics, including cell phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, and digital cameras at the recycling centers located throughout the church. They are clearly marked. When we collect at least 20 items OR 20 pounds worth of items we can send it off to FundingFactory to be recycled!

The employees at FundingFactory carefully inspect every product they receive to determine its condition and whether it can be remanufactured or recycled. The value of each item is then given a point equivalent and those points are credited to our account. We can save our points or spend as we go. Each point is equal to 40¢. Once we accrue 50 points, we can start spending them in the online Rewards Catalog where we can get items like Amazon Gift Cards, sports equipment, outdoor play equipment, and even furniture for our youth rooms!

Are you a Business Owner or Office Manager?

You can help us raise money even faster as a Business Supporter! Just register your business here and use our ID# 362640. You can send in all of your ink cartridges or even set up a recycling center for your employees to bring in their approved items. Everything you send in to FundingFactory will benefit us! It is 100% FREE to participate. Business Supporters get boxes, shipping labels, and collection displays sent straight to them.