Moving Closer

We are getting ever closer to the kickoff of our Appreciative Inquiry event. It will be February 1 at 10am. I want to provide you with more information about what our goals are. The book Memories, Hopes, and Conversations contains an excellent description of what we want to happen:

We are beginning a series of conversations and activities that will help us talk about and build on the most life-giving forces in our church, There are numerous stories that tell of God’s grace in our church’s founding and in the many years of ministry. It is very common for churches to do evaluation and planning. Sometimes we are well served by activities like reviewing our goals, analyzing the results, and so forth. But often, in that kind of committee work and in parking lot conversations, we express discouragement and criticalness. It is too easy for us to continue old conversations that have not created new life. We too easily place our hopes in one more new program or new tasks for staff or other leaders. We are going to do something different in these conversations. Everyone has stories-how you have experienced God’s grace, the excitement of ministry, the presence of the Holy Spirit. We all remember occasions when the congregation was at its best-when we were especially responsive to God’s love and when we embodied that love in unique and profound ways.

I hope that this gets you excited and eager to participate in the upcoming exercises that we have planned. On a different note, here are the following scriptures and sermon titles to get us through the month of February:

“I Want to Take You Higher”
Psalm 111:1-4, 7-10
Philippians 4:6-14

“I Know You Can Help”
Psalm 146
Mark 1:21-28

“A Refuge”
Psalm 46
Mark 1:29-39

“No Booths (Shrines) Needed”
Psalm 50:7-15
Mark 9:2-9



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