Much More Than Money

As I entered the fellowship hall this morning for the “Appreciative Inquiry” breakfast, I was really shocked and pleased at the electrifying atmosphere and excitement that filled the room.  It was very easy to see that God was  present  with us.

When we talk about stewardship, most people immediately think “Money”. Stewardship is much more than just the money you give to the church. I realize the financial gifts are very important to keep a church operating and being able to do God’s work both in the community and also throughout the country and world, but today stewardship was alive and well in the volunteers who worked in the kitchen to help with the magnificent breakfast, and put on the program we were shown, and it was very visible in the great amount and quality of food brought in by our members.

This is really what a church family is supposed to be like.  Happy to be together, and doing what God would like us to be doing.

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