The Good Old Days

We all have some good old days… times we like to reflect on when it just seems like everything was going right.

The Office was a sitcom that ran from 2005-2013. In the final, 201st episode, one of the characters says poignantly: “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.”

I certainly have moments where I can take my current life for granted. The saying goes that the grass is always greener on the other side, but it seems to apply similarly with time: the grass is always greener in the past or in the future. Over this last weekend as a family we intentionally spent a great deal of time together, going for long walks, going to the beach, playing games inside and out. If we watched TV, we watched it together. I’d love to say we’re always that good about using our weekends together. But I feel like we got it right this weekend. Isaiah confirmed that for me this morning when I dropped him off at school and he said, “Dada, I wish every week was just Saturday and Sunday and Saturday and Sunday over and over again.” I am truly in the good old days.

Our congregation has some good old days. I personally want to learn more about those days. The days at the church building on 3rd and Ann. The early years in this new location. When I moved into my office, I found a graph made in the early 90’s where someone had projected out a “conservative” 2% growth in attendance. The graph spiked up past 500 people! Ah, the good old days.

But you know what? When I pause to catch my breath in this life of this wonderful congregation, I start to see things that I could take for granted. We have folks who meet throughout the week… a great Spiritual Life Group on Wednesdays, an active and fun-loving Senior group, two strong Disciples Women circles and even more. Even as we search for a new Youth Minister, we have a really impressive and awesome group of children and youth. We are having baby dedications! I’m preparing 4 youth and 2 adults for baptism! We have top-notch music at both services every Sunday. If we don’t pay attention, we might miss it: these are the good old days.

Memories have the power to lift our spirits and inspire us. But they can also have the power to draw us into regret and paralysis. Let us make sure that as we remember the good old days from the past that we’re still doing everything we can to create the good old days for those that are already here and those that are not here yet.

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