The Kingdom Builders

Consider this: In the life, death, and resurrection of his Son Jesus, God has conquered death and achieved total reconciliation, salvation and eternal life. Immediately after this has happened, God has a decision to make: how to ensure that all generations for all time will come to learn about this and experience the beauty that can only happen in the Kingdom of God. I am not one to question God, but if I were, this would be the first decision I would ask about: why would you simply place this monumental task in our hands, the very ones who were so helpless to begin with?

But this is how it works in God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom has no boundaries and yet it is thriving. You need to have the right vision to see it. When we receive God’s grace, it is like receiving a special set of glasses that allow us to see the world in an entirely different light. And the more we experience grace, the more fully we swallow our pride and realize how beautifully dependent on God we are, the more clearly we can witness God’s Kingdom popping up, often in unexpected places.

We are not called, however, simply to observe this Kingdom. We are called to make it. That’s the part that taxes my imagination. Why would God leave us in charge? Well God didn’t, not completely. God beckons us, calls us, guides us, protects us, motivates us through the gift of the Holy Spirit. What a gift! But if you were expecting God through the Holy Spirit just to build God’s Kingdom for us, I’m sorry that I have bad news for you. For some reason, God has decided to be dependent on our participation and action for the Kingdom of God to be realized on this side of paradise.

So I am keenly interested to learn from folks who are The Kingdom Builders. Not building with brick and mortar, but building God’s Kingdom instead with mercy and grace, with compassion and love, with truth and justice. I want to learn from those people so I can identify a corner of the Kingdom that I have the gifts and calling to take part in building myself.

So this Sunday, we will be inviting Kingdom Builders from different parts of our own community here in Wilmington. They’ll share with us their work and what they’re learning about God’s Kingdom. We will have the opportunity then, by listening, by studying scripture, by praying to ask God to show us how we too can be Kingdom Builders. I hope you’ll join us for this series starting this Sunday, April 10 and going through May 8.

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