What Does God Really Want Me to Give?

We are quickly moving into our Stewardship Campaign for the 2015/2016 Budget year, which will culminate on Sunday March 22nd, Transformation Sunday.  On this day, we will offer up our estimates of giving pledges at a combined service.  These pledges will be blessed and the worship service will be followed by a celebration luncheon at which the church will provide the meat and the congregation is asked to bring cold salads, desserts and rolls.

During  the next few weeks, you will be hearing more about our commitment to do God’s work and asked to seriously pray about “What does God really want me to give”?  If we are to do the work God really wants us to do, it is going to take a commitment from the whole church.  One option to consider is “percentage giving”.  What percentage of what God has given me should I return to God to do his work?  Another thing to consider is can I take a “Step Up” in my giving from what I gave last year? This should not be done as an obligation, but cheerfully done because you love the Lord and what he has done for you, as represented in our theme for this year, “From Bread and Wine to Faith and Giving”.  As we receive the bread and the cup, we are reminded of the sacrifice made for us by Jesus Christ.  He gave his all.  What will we give in return, of the gifts he has given us?

As I have said before, there is a lot of positive energy flowing throughout our church and there are many needs in our community, state and nation. Will we answer the call?  Knowing the people in our congregation and their love for the Lord, I feel positive that our response to the needy will receive a “Well done my good and faithful servants”.

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