Why Being a Disciple of Christ Matters to Me

This past Sunday, I started a new series called “We Are Disciples,” in which I hope I can share with you why I think many of the core values of our denomination and our movement are not just important for making us good “Disciples of Christ” specifically but also for making us faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in general.

As I introduced the series Sunday, I shared that we live in a “post-denominational” world where it is increasingly rare that people choose a new church based on its denomination. In this environment, it would be tempting to anyone to abandon our history and our values and just do whatever we can to attract new people. But I believe that our path to being a faithful 21st century church depends on us holding onto our values instead of letting them go. Not so that our denomination or even our congregation can survive, but so that God’s dream for the world can continue to unfold.

This is why being a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) matters to me:

For those that are new to the Disciples of Christ, I’m really not interested in getting you to pass a test about Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone. But it is my hope that together we can find the richness in what Disciples value so that we can have the energy and motivation to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our brothers and sisters in Wilmington and beyond.

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